GameSpy Comrade

GameSpy Comrade 3.2

Provides a better communication and visibility between gamers
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Offers an instant messaging program where you can see what games your friends are playing, and join them simply by pressing one click. It supports a large variety of games and many platforms like PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and Mac.

Since 2000, more than 20 Million people have used arcade software to play PC games online. And now here comes from GameSpy an incredible game, you fall in love with GameSpy Comrade, a revolutionary desktop software designed to make it easier and faster to play games online with your friends.
It's about an instant messaging program exclusive for gamers where you can know where are your friends playing and join them with a simple click. It has support for more than 60 games, automatic updates, statistic and more.
GameSpy Comrade requires NET framework v1.1, if you haven't already installed, the program makes the download and installation for you.
One big advance is a technology that allows gamers to import their buddy list into the game interface, send messages during the game and out of it, and export dynamic profile statistics directly to their comrade profile.
Another feature enables users to connect via instant messaging with gamers within multiple games on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation2, PlayStation3, PlayStation Portable and Mac.
Comrade's buddy lists are backwards compatible and will be immediately available for you, so you don't have to lose your previously built buddy lists, profiles or data.
The Integration with the community will allow you for sponsored and user-created console and PC tournaments and competitions and the most complete collection of news, downloads, patches, and community features. Also you can download some awesome wallpapers from the official web site, to make your desktop wallpaper less boring.
Another fantastic features are: you have one-click buddy following, which enables gamers to join their friends in games whenever and wherever they are playing, chat available on multiple platforms during the game, statistic and profiles.
Invite your friends to use Comrade, and start building your buddy list. The users forum is full of players, eager to join your team, just post a message and you will receive a lot of answers and useful tips and tricks, in case you are stuck. Never fight alone, so recruit your comrades!!
So, I’ll see you online.

Review summary


  • Amazing graphics and sounds
  • Easy to play
  • One-click buddy following
  • Team messaging


  • Some bugs haven't been fixed yet
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